1st Annual Tom's Farm Wild West BBQ Showdown

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Date: December 30th/31st 2010 Contest #1. December 31st/January 1st 2011 Contest #2 Prize $$ breakdown (each of the 4 meat categories/ each day-- GC/RGC and 3rd place are also each day)

  1. - $300
  2. - $250
  3. - $200
  4. - $100
  5. - $75
  6. - $50 (1st-6th = Trophies)
  7. -10th = Trophies
  1. GC- $700 (+ Free entry into next years event)
  2. RGC-$300
  3. Place $100 (trophies to all 3)

Location: Tom's Farm (Corona, California)

Entry Forms

Entry forms can be found at: http://www.fit2gopromotions.com

Entry forms can also be found at Forumn page on CBBQA website under KCBS- Tom's Farm Wild West BBQ- post #2


Teams Confirmed

In no particular order - (1st 20 get pavement site)

  1. Rusty Barrel- Tim McDonald- So Cal
  2. The Rub Company- Ryan Chester- So Cal
  3. Simply Rocke'n BBQ- Stephan Franklin- So Cal
  4. Meat Inc.- Aaron Black- So Cal
  5. Smokin Yankees BBQ- Chris Juencke- Northern Cal
  6. Trailhound Smokers BBQ- Timm Martin- Las Vegas, NV
  7. Big B's Down-N-Dirty BBQ- Bill Souza- Northern Cal
  8. Bang A Drum- Jason Clark- Northern Cal
  9. When Pigs Fly- Dale Ginos- So Cal
  10. West Best BBQ- Gary Tackett- So Cal
  11. Rib Tickler- Larry Schroeder- So Cal
  12. Big Rick and the BBQ Chicks - Rick Irwin- So Cal
  13. Meteor BBQware- Art Splawn- So Cal
  14. Pork U BBQ- Wayne Hoppal- St George's, Utah
  15. All Hogs go to Heaven- Steve Maduele- So Cal
  16. Slap yo Daddy- Harry Soo- So Cal
  17. Rhythm N Que- Vince/Alexa- Phoenix, AZ
  18. T & J Backyard BBQ- Tom Moore, So Cal
  19. California BBQ Smokers- Bruce Patterson- So Cal
  20. Brazen BBQ- John Bracamante- So Cal
  21. Left Coast Q- Matt Dalton- So Cal
  22. Rolling Bones- David Schmidt- Northern Cal
  23. Bigmista's Barbecue- Neil Strawder- So Cal
  24. The Rib Doctor- Eva and Hayward Harris Jr- So Cal
  25. Smoked to the Bone- Jennifer Duncan- Gilbert AZ
  26. Whiskey Ranch- Tom Duncan Jr.- Gilbert, AZ
  27. Crazy Pig BBQ- Dan Preuss- Tucson, AZ
  28. Ribs A Rockin- Dave Lopp- Northern Cal
  29. Smokey Bones- James Stevens- So Cal
  30. 5J's BBQ- Steve Rodriguez- So Cal
  31. Smokin Goatheads- Mike Love- Lake Havasu, AZ
  32. Lloyds BBQ- John Lloyd- So Cal
  33. Rooftop BBQ- Andy Allen- So Cal
  34. It Ain't Prime- Russell Wilson- Krum, TX
  35. Papa's Smokehouse BBQ- John Scott- So Cal
  36. MAster of Disaster- Andy Soto- So Cal
  37. Smokin' Triggers- Johnny Trigg- Alvarado, TX
  38. Porketeers- Dennis McGrath- So Cal
  39. Montana BBQ- Lynn Jeffrey- Prescott Valley, AZ
  40. 4 Smokin Butts- Dennis Keck- Illinois
  41. Big Creek BBQ- Jeff Stith- Pleasant Hills, Missouri
  42. Jerry King Midland Texas- Jerry King- Texas
  43. Mad Dawgz BBQ & Catering- Larry Adkins- So Cal
  44. Bird's Pit Crew- C.J. Bird- Fresno, CA
  45. Left Coast Smoke- Mark Toumajian- So Cal
  46. Smoke Slayers- Chad Quarrey- San Jose, Ca.
  47. All Sauced Up- Dave Malone- SoCal
  48. Smitty's Smoke Patrol- Darry Smith- Northern Cal
  49. Notley Que- GAry Notley-So Cal
  50. Butchers BBQ- Ed Maurin- Kansas City, MO
  51. Smokin' Hogs- Chuck Ament- So Cal
  52. Gameover Cookers- Rich Rutherford- Corpus Christi, TX
  53. BLQUE Cutting Edge QN209- Larry Hill- Northern Cal

Teams Expected

  1. Lotta Bull
  2. Mr Frankenboo BBQ
  3. Big Jim's
  4. Ski BBQ
  5. AzBBQ
  6. I.A.B. 30 BBQ
  7. Pelletheads.com
  8. Tropical Heat
  9. Roadkill Kookers
  10. The Replacements
  11. Sauced Goddess

Bowling over pigs

  1. + Others


There will be a special New Year's eve Party/Fund Raiser 8:30pm-12:30am if you wish to participate in this Potluck, you will need to provide a substantial (feed 60) type of Potluck entry- All cooks wanting to participate will be judge on Best main dish $250 1st place (non 4 meats), Best side dish $150 1st place, Best Dessert $150 1st place, and Best appetizer $150 1st place... Besides this Larry (Rib Tickler) and he will need help, will be cooking some of the 4 meats (I'll let him decide what is appropiate, Ribs and Chicken? Ribs and (not a 4 meat) Tri-tip etc..If every ticket is sold for the event there will be approximately $2,500 (250 people) to split amongst those who cook the main meats along with Larry (as of right now meat would be purchased by teams cooking it, should any of you know a Meat Company that would like to donate any or all the meat for this special evening, please let Larry know), The City of Wildomar Parks are facing closure, this event will go a long way at keeping the parks open in the City of Wildomar, including the one many of you cooked on last year, this is a very serious issue facing our City, for it affects our community and it's youth greatly. The Potluck will also be free to all of you who cook in it, and we will accept donations from the rest of you who would like to eat, but not cook. Thanks

Friday Evening

This is where to sign up for the Friday evening potluck. We will be needing main dishes, sides, desserts, and appetizers. Please indicate what you are cooking for the Potluck and for what category, you may enter all 4 categories, or 1, 2 or 3- there is no additional cost to enter Potluck competition, and it would be awesome if all of you cooked at least one dish. Top 3 in each category will also receive trophies.


Grand Champion

Reserve Grand Champion



Pork Ribs



Iron Chef Mystery Ingredient, Saturday 1/1/11 special contest

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