1st Annual Kings of the Que BBQ Championship

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This is a fully sanctioned, four meat KCBS competition that has also received CBBQA TOY designation. Held at the Yolo County Fairgrounds in Woodland, CA we'll crown our first King or Queen of the Que. Let's show BBQ'nthusiasts from the Sacramento Valley that we have great Competition BBQ Teams who can create BBQ fit for a King!!


Contest Information

When: Saturday April 6th and Sunday April 7th, 2013

Where: Yolo County Fairgrounds, 1250 Gum Ave. Woodland, CA

Website: www.kingsoftheque.com [1]

Email: info@kingsoftheque.com

Entry & Payout Information

All teams are assigned a 20' x 20' space and one 20 amp outlet. Larger spaces are available for an additional fee on a first paid, first assigned basis. Credit & Debit payments accepted with a $5.00 fee.

Pro Division Teams

Early Bird Entry Fee of $200 and $25 credit toward RubStock Entry Fee both expire on March 15th; $250 until March 31st; $300 thereafter

Guaranteed Payout: Updated 2/19/13 from $1,950 to $3,010

Grand Champion $750 / Reserve Grand Champion $500

Each Meat Category:

1st $125

2nd $100

3rd $85

4th $70

5th $60

Backyard Division Teams

Early Bird Entry Fee of $75 expires on March 25th; $150 thereafter

Guaranteed Payout: $150

Backyard Grand Champion $100 / Backyard Reserve Grand Champion $50

1st Place in Each Meat Category receives a Trophy

Entry Forms

Pro Division Team Application

Click here to download the application. [2]

Backyard Division Team Application

Click here to download the application. [3]

Certified BBQ Judges

Click here to download the CBJ Application. [4]

Teams Confirmed

Pro Division

In no particular order -

1. Addicted to Rub Competition BBQ Team, Heidi Anhorn

2. Smitty's Smoke Patrol, Darry 'Smitty' Smith

3. Rob Z's Real Pit BBQ, Robert Zavatero

4. Smokehouse 10, David Tendick

5. Rockin' B's BBQ Company, Barry Peterson

6. Too Ashamed To Name, Scott Hares

7. Plastered Pig BBQ, Dana Myers

8. Smokey Luv BBQ, Kevin Barteaux

9. Big Dick's BBQ, Darrin Matthews

10. Porktera BBQ, Frank Portera

11. Pigs Can Fly BBQ, Douglas McCaffrey

12. West Coast BBQ, Dwayne Ross

13. The Smoke Mechanix, Jonathan Reimer

14. Smokin' Yankees BBQ, Chris Juencke

15. Hound Dog BBQ, Bob Christensen

16. Too Broke To Smoke, Derrick Galiste

17. Big O's BBQ, Alan Odor

18. Burnt Offerings BBQ, David Forsberg

19. Bones n Brews, Rudy Ortega

20. TheSmokeRing.com, Garry Howard

21. Rolling Bones BBQ Team, David Schmidt

22. Bridge Tender BBQ, Ryan Abood

23. Bad S. BBQ, Ryan Pang

24. Pirates of the Pig, Brian Gutierrez

25. Smokers Wild BBQ, Chris Allen

26. Beans and Bones BBQ, Jim Sanchez

27. Pretty Pink BBQ, Ryan Canyon

28. Bowling Over Pigs BBQ Team, Chuck Collondrez

29. Cecil's Smokn BBQ, Richard Holguin

30. Big B's Down N Dirty BBQ, Bill Souza

31. Smoked on the Water, Dan Graham

Backyard Division (opened to entries on 2/24/13)

In no particular order -

1. Meat Harvest BBQ, Sean Boatright

2. Steady Hoggin' BBQ Team, Rick Kerksieck

3. All Star BBQ, Michael Van Ry

4. CV Big Boy BBQ, Brent Tessmana (Minden, NV)

5. Mo's Smokin Grill, Maurice McJimsey

6. Team Kahuna, Scott Pollice

Saturday Evening Pizza Appetizer

Sponsored by Sierra Smokehouse BBQ & Biggie's Pizza and Wings

At approximately 5pm Pizzas will be delivered to the Fairgrounds for appetizers.

Rarely do competition teams get the opportunity to set up so early in the day so let's take this opportunity to sit with each other, share some food & stories and, more importantly, make new friendships and renew old ones. Bring your own drinks, please.

Overall Results

Pro Division

Grand Champion - HOUND DOG BBQ

Reserve Grand Champion - SMOKIN' YANKEES BBQ

Backyard Division

Backyard Grand Champion - ALL STAR BBQ

Backyard Reserve Grand Champion - KAHUNA BBQ

Results for Individual Meat Categories

Pro Division


1st - Plastered Pig BBQ

2nd - Big B's Down N Dirty BBQ

3rd - Rockin' B's BBQ Company

4th - Bones and Brew

5th - Bowling Over Pigs BBQ

Pork Ribs

1st - Too Ashamed to Name

2nd - Hound Dog BBQ

3rd - The Smoke Mechanix

4th - Smokin' Yankees BBQ

5th - Rolling Bones Traveling BBQ Circus

Pork Shoulder

1st - Hound Dog BBQ

2nd - Bones and Brew

3rd - Smokin' Yankees BBQ

4th - Big Dick's BBQ

5th - Big O's BBQ 2HOT4U

Beef Brisket

1st - Smokin' Yankees BBQ

2nd - ROCK'S Barbque

3rd - Pig Love

4th - Rockin' B's BBQ Company

5th - Bowling Over Pigs BBQ

Backyard Division


1st - All Star BBQ

2nd - Kahuna BBQ

3rd - Heart and Soull

4th - Meat Harvest

5th - CV Big Boy BBQ

Pork Ribs

1st - All Star BBQ

2nd - CV Big Boy BBQ

3rd - Meat Harvest

4th - Kahuna BBQ

5th - Heart and Soull

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