1st Annual Golden Acorn BBQ Fest

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KCBS 4 Meat Contest

State Championship


Nov 5-6

Golden Acorn Casino Campo, CA

Casino Website- LINK


$5,000 Total

Chicken, Ribs, Pork and Beef Brisket (each)

  1. st place - $500 (1st-5th- + Trophies)
  2. nd place- $200
  3. rd place- $100
  4. th place - $75
  5. th place - $50
  1. st-12th = Trophies

People's Choice (Trophies to top 3)

  1. st Place - $150
  2. nd place- $100
  3. rd place0 $50

  1. GC - $750 (Trophies to 1st-5th places)
  2. RGC- $250

Other Info

Electricity 110 volts will be provided. All teams get $20 dollars "Free Play" at Casino on Friday and again on Saturday ($40 Free Play total) to enjoy Casino. 24/7 Convenience store with ICE, on property. Restaurant on Property. Showers available (at Truck Stop) on property* (to be confirmed as far as BBQ team usage). Entry Fee is $250, No entries will be accepted after 10/21/10-- 1st 20 Entries will receive a special gift. Event will also feature a Battle of the Bands ($1,000 Prize $$), 100+ Vendors, a Kids Zone, and all kinds of fun. Ash and Grease disposal will be available on site. People's Choice will be from 10am-4pm on Saturday- Health Dept Requirements minimal at Indian Reservation, please use common sense, nets and other enclosures NOT required. Award Ceremony will be at 6pm. Load in time November 5th starting at 10am. Load out - Sunday November 7th before Noon. Prize$$ increases at 60 Teams +$1,000, at 70 Teams +$1,500 and +$1,500 for every 10 teams after that (user posted image-90-100 etc..)

Entry Forms

Available at [1]

Teams Entered

  1. T+J's Backyard BBQ- Tom Moore- Indio, CA.*
  2. Big Jim- Wildomar, CA.*
  3. AZBBQ- Micheal A., AZ.*
  4. Burnt by the Best- Bentley Meredith, Pasadena, CA.*
  5. Rooftop BBQ- Murrieta/Wildomar CA.*
  6. Big Rick & The BBQ Chicks, CA.*
  7. Porketeers- Dennis McGrath- El Cajon, CA.*
  8. Smokey Bones BBQ- Robert Hall- Fountain Valley, CA.
  9. Master of Disaster- Andy Soto- CA.
  10. The Sauce Goddess- Screaming Pete- Temecula, CA.
  11. Big Red BBQ Competition Team- James Young- CA.
  12. Left Coast Q- Matt Dalton- Banning, CA.
  13. Brazen BBQ- John Bracamonte- San Diego, CA.
  14. When Pigs Fly- Dale Ginos- Oceanside, CA.
  15. Slap Yo' Daddy BBQ - Harry Soo, Diamond Bar, CA
  16. Soaked In Smoke- Rich Walters, Vista, CA
  17. El Fuego Fiasco- Mike Weiss, Costa Mesa, CA.
  18. Rubbed The Right Way- MArk Principato, San Diego, CA.
  19. Notley Que- GAry Notley, Encinitas, CA.
  20. Mad Dawgz BBQ and Catering- Larry Adkins, Palmdale, CA.
  21. Rythm 'n Que- Vincent Carrocci + Alexa F., Phoenix, CA.
  22. Smokin' Hogs- Chuck Ament, San Diego, CA.
  23. Rib Tickler BBQ- Larry Schroeder, Oceanside, CA.
  24. All Hogs go to Heaven- Steve Madaule, Lancaster, CA.
  25. Carnivorous Habits- John Rausch, Murrieta, CA.
  26. Pelletheads.com- Larry Hill/Chris Jankee, CA.
  27. All Sauced up- Dave Malone, Valencia, CA.


  1. Ralph Wilcken, Chino Valley, AZ.
  2. R. Craig Wilcken, Santee, CA.
  3. Cindy Wilcken, Santee, CA.
  4. Gary McDow
  5. Radu Alexandru
  6. John Jimenez, Covina, CA.
  7. Marcel Fortin, Riverside, CA.
  8. Micheal Hensen
  9. Bob Cox
  10. Bart Pawelek
  11. Brian Whiting
  12. Scott Newcomb
  13. Pete Aragon
  14. Sherry Aragon
  15. Frank Smith
  16. Brett McKinney, El Cajon- CA.
  17. Don West, Las Vegas- NV
  18. Joseph Miles, CA.
  19. Linda Burke, CA.
  20. Vincent Vazquez, Covina, CA.
  21. Rex Sell, Las Vegas, NV
  22. Cynthia Sell, Las Vegas NV.
  23. Abel Tirre, CA
  24. Anna Palomo, CA
  25. Vern Vallis, CA
  26. Jeff Hutcherson, CA
  27. Kevin Davis. CA
  28. Christine Davis, CA
  29. Jim Jones, AZ
  30. Diana Jones, AZ
  31. Jim Cuzzolina, CA
  32. Scott Kuklin, CA
  33. Twila Kuklin, CA
  34. YOMI, CA.
  35. Dary Stewart, CA.
  36. Tom Agsten, CA.
  37. Cindy Funk, Mexico
  38. Gary TAckett, Murrieta, CA.
  39. Elvin, Murrieta, CA.
  40. John Ware, CA.
  41. Earlynn Ware, CA.
  42. Kent Goodman, CA.
  43. Phil Curry, CA.
  44. Sherry Berry, CA.
  45. Gerald Cruce, CA
  46. John Swanson, CA.
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