1st Annual California Honey Harvest Festival

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Date: June 15th and 16th


Fillmore Central Park Plaza

250 Central Ave. Fillmore, California 93015

4 Meat BBQ Contest + People's Choice Saturday 12-4 with Optional PC on Sunday 50/50 split

KCBS Sanctioned

CBBQA ToY Event - Approved!

Payout Schedule

Total $8,000

GC- $2,000

RGC- $1,000

Each of 4 Meats as Follows

  1. $350
  2. $300
  3. $250
  4. $200
  5. $150

Contact Us

If you have any questions please contact Roger Campbell at rognfillmore@aol.com or by phone "805-857-2785"

Team Specific Information

KCBS Contest Rules can be found here PDF

20 amp electrical

20x40 standard site (larger site available)

Team Entry Form

Team Entry Form

$200 entry until 5/1/13, then $250

Honey Farm Activities

Activities in the park include arts/craft vendors, food vendors, educational speakers on beekeeping and the importance of bees in maintaining balance and production of many of our agriculture trees and plants. Also scheduled is live musical entertainment. Each day there will be 3 train rides to Bennett's Honey Farm, just east of Fillmore. The trains depart at 10:00am, 12:30pm and 3:00pm. During the ½ hour ride to the farm, there will be trackside demonstrations from actual beekeepers in their normal protective bee "suits' displaying how they "smoke" the bees in order to remove the frames so they can extract the honey and honeycombs. A docent will be on-board the train narrating the demonstration and describing the rural scenery. Once at Bennett's Honey Farm, passengers will be led by a docent for a tour of the processing facility. The only way to experience the "behind the scenes" tour is to take the train ride during the CA Honey Harvest Festival.

Friday Night Potluck

Canceled do to a lack of interest.

On-Site Rules and Regulations

  1. A mandatory Cooks' Meeting will be held at 7:00 p.m. on Friday to go over the rules and to answer any questions about the current contest or about the series as a whole. The Festival Director will communicate the location.
  2. A mandatory Judges' Meeting will be held at 10:30 a.m. on Saturday to review the rules. . The Festival Director will communicate the location.
  3. Festival Director will be on-site by 8:00 a.m. on Friday.
  4. Official load in time is 8:00 a.m. on Friday.
  5. Official Power Time: Friday 12:00 p.m. – Sunday 4:00 p.m.
  6. No cooking of any kind may begin until meat has been inspected by the Official Meat Inspector. Meat inspection will be on Friday between 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. (If a team CANNOT arrive in time for this inspection they must make alternative arrangements IN ADVANCE by contacting the Festival Director.
  7. Teams are allowed to distribute samples to the public only one per ticket.
  8. Pits must be clean.
  9. There must be no cigarette or cigar smoking, no dipping snuff and no chewing tobacco while handling the meat or preparing it for competition.
  10. Clothing, signs, banners, stickers, etc. that displays crude, rude or graphic details/words/images is not permitted.
  11. Cleanliness of the cook, assistant cooks and contest area is required, and the use of rubber or plastic gloves while handling the meats is mandatory.
  12. Cook sites will be supplied with up to 20 amps of electricity; generators may be permitted with prior approval from the Series Director. Water sources will be available.
  13. Reminder: Each cook team must have an approved fire extinguisher on site.
  14. Contestants must provide all needed equipment and supplies.
  15. Pits, cookers, props, trailers, tents or any other equipment including generators may not exceed the boundaries of the team's assigned cooking space. Each team will have up to a 40 x 20 space.. Every effort will be made to accommodate your cooking equipment. Space will be used as efficiently as possible. All seasoning and cooking of product must be done within the confines of the team's assigned space.
  16. There will be an optional people’s choice contest on Sunday.
  17. A 9"x 9" Styrofoam container will be provided for each entry. Each team must submit enough pieces or enough of each entry for a table of six (6) judges. We encourage you to include as many portions as container space allows.
  18. All competitions will be blind judging only: Entries must be submitted in the numbered boxes provided by the contest representatives. The team number must show on top of the container at turn in. Boxes will then be re-numbered by the contest officials for submission to the judges.
  19. A container will be provided for hot ashes. After cooking is completed, please use this container to avoid fires and to help keep your area clean.
  20. It is the responsibility of the team to see that their assigned cooking space is kept clean and policed following the contest. All fires must be put out and all equipment removed from site. It is imperative that cleanup be thorough
  21. Load out for teams will be from 5:00 p.m. until 7:00 p.m. on Saturday. Teams are permitted to stay overnight on Saturday and encouraged to participate in a secondary Peoples Choice Contest on Sunday.
  22. QUIET TIME is applicable from 10:00 p.m. until 7:00 a.m. Excessive use of radios or amplifying equipment will not be allowed at any time and is grounds for disqualification; therefore, the considerate use of such equipment MUST be observed at all times.
  23. No political signage is permitted.
  24. It is the responsibility of each team to secure all items when not present. Lock food, beverages and valuables out of sight in vehicles, and extinguish all fires/flames, unplug outlets, secure pits, chairs, ice chests and store alcohol in locked containers.
  25. No motorized vehicles other than those used for loading in and out are permitted. This includes golf carts, mopeds, scooters, ATVs and go-carts.
  26. Decisions of the judges, KCBS, are final.

Bennett’s Honey Farm reserve the rights to add, remove and or edit any of the above rules and all entered teams will be given notice of any changes

Judges List

1. Vallis, Vern

2. Tim and Diana McDonald

3. Tacket, Gary

4. Attaway, Greg

5. Aragon, Sherry

6. Ryan, Greg

7. Aragon, Pete

8. Hall, Robert

9. Bass, Robert

10. Bass, Maryann

11. Bill, Robert

12. Montgomery, Marcia

13. Montgomery, Jeff

14. Santiago, Michael

15. Koral, Candice

16. Green, Richard

17. Tirre, Abel

18. Palomo, Anna

19. Brandini, Rick

20. Zeman, Peter Jr

21. Dean Richardson

22. Bob Richardson

23. Ann Hoeppner

24. Dan Drogichen

25. Michael Henson

26. Paul Robles

27. Kimberly Robles

28. David Ball

29. James Evans

30. Mathew Bishop

31. Dale Lamason

32. Gary Crutchfield

33. Scott Kuklin

34. Twila Knaack

35. Robb Strandlund

36. Gary D. Frazier

Confirmed Judges

1. Tim McDonald

2. Diana McDonald

3. Ryan, Greg

4. Bass, Robert

5. Bass, Maryann

6. Bill, Robert

7. Montgomery, Marcia

8. Montgomery, Jeff

9. Santiago, Michael

10. Koral, Candice

11. Green, Richard

12. Tirre, Abel

13. Palomo, Anna

14. Brandini, Rick

15. Zeman, Peter Jr

16. Dean Richardson

17. Bob Richardson

18. Ann Hoeppner

19. Dan Drogichen

20. Mathew Bishop

21. Scott Kuklin

22. Twila Knaack

23. Gary D. Frazier

24. Robb Strandlund

25. Vern Vallis

26. Robert Hall

27. Paul Ackerman

28. James Evans

29. Stef Donev

30. Mary Strandlund

31. David Ball

32. Ian Schmidt

33. Julie Poe Menge

34. Tom Breitweiser

35. Scott Simpson

36. Gary Crutchfield

37. Daniel Dod

38. Jennifer Stafford

39. J.D. Cuzzolina

Teams Confirmed

1. Simply Marvelous BBQ

2. Too Ashamed to Name BBQ

3. Bar J H Bar=B-Q

4. Son of Smoke BBQ

5. All Sauced Up

6. Butchers Daughter

7. My Smoken Grillfriend

8. Smokey Luv BBQ

9. 2nd To Last

10. Funtime

11. Burnin and Lootin

12. Tropical Heat

13. Vicious Smoke

14. Daddy o's Smokin BBQ

15. Big Poppa Smokers

16. Knock UR Socks Off

17. Standing room Only

18. Lady of Q

19. Hog Smoke

20. PaPa Roy's BBQ

21. All Hogs Go To Heaven

22. Ridge Route Boys BBQ

23. Smokin' Mo's

24. Left Coast Q

25. ZZYZX Bar.B.Q

26. Who's Smokin Now

27. Fillmore City Clerk (PC only)

28. Knock UR Sox Off BBQ

29. Hog Heaven Sauces

30. El Cowboys & The Cajun


32. LoLO's Smokin hot BBQ

33. PorkChop & Bubba's BBQ

34. BigB's Down-N-Dirty BBQ

35 Bowling Over Pigs

Teams Expected

  1. Redneck BBQ
  2. Wild Willy's Smokin' Hot BBQ
  3. South Coast BBQ
  4. Hog Wild BBQ
  5. Hog Heaven Sauces
  6. Hog Island Pitmasters
  7. Burnt By The Best
  9. Woody's Bar-b-Que
  10. Woodhouse BBQ
  11. Jet Coatings Smokin' and Fishn' Crew
  12. The Pit Crew BBQ
  13. Who's Smokin' Now
  14. D'S Smokehouse
  15. Lady of Q
  16. Bone Lick'in Good BBQ
  17. Dead Pig Walking
  18. Bowling Over Pigs
  19. Rooftop BBQ
  20. High Gravity Q
  21. Patio Pitmasters
  22. Steeve's and Beeve's
  23. Mad Dawgz BBQ
  24. Brazen BBQ
  25. Porketeers
  28. OM BBQ Company
  29. Smokin' It Up BBQ Crew
  30. Twisted Brisket
  31. KramersQ
  32. Bigmista
  33. Big B's Down N Dirty
  34. Left Coast Q
  35. Smokin' Yankees
  36. Zelda Smoke
  37. Smoqued California BBQ
  38. Loot N' Booty BBQ
  39. Holy Smokers
  40. Big Guns BBQ
  41. Casual Smokers
  42. 7 Sins BBQ
  43. Royal Smoking Hot
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