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Thanks from Brentwood PAL

We are still finishing the weekend today but I wanted to give a special shout out to all the teams who participated in the Blues, Brews & BBQ's. Early revenue counts shows us approaching $70,000 for the weekend. Less expenses it means well over $50,000 to our program.

Words can not begin to express our gratitude. People are already talking about next year.8-)

BTW, we are putting in an order for shirts. Please email me the sizes you want and we'll make sure you get yours.


I just received notification from KCBS that governor Brown has made a blanket proclamation covering all current and future KCBS BBQ contests in California are proclaimed to be STATE CHAMPIONSHIPS!!!!!!!

Thanks to Tracey Allen for her help in getting me the contact inside the Governor's office. Without that contact we could not have gotten this done.

Entry Fee

The Entry Fee for the KCBS Sanctioned event on Saturday May 28th is $300.00

The Entry Fee for the Backyard BBQ event on Sunday May 29th is $100.00

An event sponsor provides meat for Backyard event. Yes! we provide the chicken, ribs and tri-tip for Sunday contest!!!


April 30th Kids-Q added! On Friday night we have added a kids bbq contest.

This Contest will be divided into two age groups. We'll have the younger group 10 and under do Hot Dogs and 17 and younger do steaks. I'll get the entry form posted on www.palbbq.com later this evening

Another great day forward for the event. A bunch of team entry forms showed up in the mail and we lined up several more BIG sponsors. To date: Harvest Park Bowl is Super Platinum and sponsor of the Main Stage, Bill Brandt Ford is Platinum and sponsor of the Car Shows, Sierra Nevada Brewery is Gold, Brentwood Fine Meats is Gold, Brentwood Bike Company is Gold, Barbeques Galore Silver and the Delta Rotary Club is Bronze.

This event is growing every single day. Today Extreme Motorsports grabbed a double vendor booth and an entire block of the car show. Lots of adult toys with great big engines.

who we are:


The Brentwood Police Activities League (BPAL) is a 501©(3) nonprofit organization founded in 1998 through a grant offered by the John Muir Foundation. The Brentwood Police Activities League was established to serve all children who live in or attend school in Brentwood and adjoining communities. BPAL strives to establish positive relationships between our youth, police officers, and the community of Brentwood. BPAL's goals are to provide alternatives to gangs, drugs, and other criminal activities through a vast array of programs.

BPAL is recognized nationally for its after school program providing a safe place to get help with homework, nutrition program for healthy snacks an athletic opportunity in a variety of lifetime sports. BPAL is currently supervised by Executive Director Officer Roger Wilson and a Board of Directors.

Date: May 27-28-29, 2011

Location: The Streets Of Brentwood


2565 Sand Creek Road

Brentwood, CA, 94513


The name gives a good indication of what the weekend holds. Brentwood PAL presents "Blue's, Brews & BBQ's".


May 27th - 5:00 - 9:00 side categories "Winner takes all", Live music, Vendors
May 28th - 11:00 - 9:00 KCBS sanctioned event, Live music, Car Show, Vendors
May 29th - 11:00 - 9:00 non-sanctioned Backyard BBQ event, Live music, Car Show, Vendors

The venue is super. Lots of room and lots of parking. http://www.shopstreetsofbrentwood.com/ Our expectation is that ~7,000+ will visit the event site during the weekend. The Streets of Brentwood is an outdoor walking lifestyle shopping mall with REI, DSW, Victoria's Secret, RAVE movie theater etc.

1. People choice option that allows team to make money selling product to public 75% team 25% event
2. Escalating prize money. 35 teams $6900 up to 50 teams $9100. good money for a first year event
3. Three days of AWESOME live music. We have top Blue's guitar talent as well as R&B.
4. Classic Antique Car, Truck and Motorcycle Show Saturday and Sunday. Classic cars from the 1920's to current.
5. Beer upgrade. Sierra Nevada is the lead brewery
6. Wine upgrade. Contra Costa County Wine Growers Association and their top six vintners
7. Free family activities and Kids Zone.

I can answer any question you have. We have been doing a non-sanctioned BBQ event for ten years. We spent the last year touring other events to make sure we hold a top notch, top caliber, quality event. It has to work for the teams. We are in this for the long haul. We choose the weekend because it did not conflict with anyone else. We want to host an event that everyone wants to come to and come back to for years to come.

Jeff Schults - Co-Chairperson Brentwood PAL presents "Blues, Brews & BBQ's" at THE STREETS

Side dishes Challenge

April 30th Kids-Q added! On Friday night we have added a kids bbq contest.

This contest will be divided into two age groups. We'll have the younger group 10 and under do Hot Dogs and 17 and younger do steaks. I'll get the entry form posted on www.palbbq.com later this evening.

Chili on Friday Turn in 4:30 pm

Salsa on Friday Turn in 5:00 pm

Farmers Choice on Friday Turn in 5:30 pm

You can sell on Friday from 5pm to 8:00pm if you would like.

Side dishes will be $20.00 Winner take all

Saturday Turn in times

Saturday Main Category Turn-In Times

Chicken: 12:00 PM

Ribs: 12:30 PM

Pulled Pork: 1:00 PM

Briskets: 1:30 PM

Prize Money

Prize Money for event! $6900

$6900 Guaranteed. For each additional 5 teams, up to the maximum of 50 teams, more will be added to the prize money.

Grand Champion: $1600

Reserve Champion: $1000

Trophies to be presented to Grand and Reserve Champion

KCBS Categories: Chicken, ribs, pork and brisket as follows:

1st place $400

2nd place $300

3rd place $200

4th place $100

5th place $75

Plaques to be presented to top 5 places in each category

Total cash Amount $6900 (with 50 teams there is a total purse of $9100)

Organizer understands this guarantee be relied upon by KCBS, it members and those whom compete at the contest being sanctioned by KCBS for the Organizer

Event: Brentwood PAL presents “Blues, Brews & BBQ’s” at THE STREETS Organized by: Brentwood Police Activities League 501 © 3 Federal Tax ID 68-0404908

Peoples Choice

We will have peoples choice on Saturday from 12:00 pm to 4:00 pm


This is where to sign up for the Friday evening potluck. We will be needing main dishes, sides, desserts, etc

Team check in on friday


Meat Inspection


Early Thursday Team Loading

Teams may come in and load into there spaces beginning Thursday at 12 noon until 5:30 PM

Entry Forms

Download Team Entry Form www.palbbq.com

On-Line www.palbbq.com

Confirmed Judges

  1. Cesar Lozano #52825
  2. Ashlee King #52826
  3. Kyle Baker #52565
  4. Scott Simpson #56112
  5. Paul Ackerman #13825
  6. Steve Alverez #pending
  7. Aaron Staines #52281
  8. Ed Parsons #56860
  9. Marla Parsons #pending
  10. Robert (Bob) Thomas #15691
  11. Melanie Wong #52549
  12. Tracy Allen #52538
  13. Taylor Simpson #60159
  14. Bob Lehner #61118
  15. Howard Chi #20037
  16. Tom Breitweiser #7909
  17. Barry Morris #61101
  18. Scott Gomes #53824
  19. Ed Gothrey
  20. Edith Gothrey
  21. Vicky Feagley
  22. Eric Feagley
  23. Jim Davies # 52533
  24. Jon Davies # 52512
  25. Lori Lieneke
  26. Steve Engbrecht #61564
  27. Brandon Schraeder
  28. John Kelly #59700
  29. Mark R. Wiliams #56844
  30. Scott Hares #30939
  31. Wade Cantrell #52170
  32. Betty Geishirt Cantrell # 52171
  33. Michel West #58766
  34. Roger L Guydon #61440
  35. Julie Poe Menge #56848


Teams Confirmed for Saturday May 28th

In no particular order -

  1. Woodhouse Barbecue, CA
  2. Bowling Over Pigs Brentwood
  3. Kris McCullough - 2010 & 2011 Brentwood BBQ King
  4. Huminie's Hogalicious BBQ
  5. Casual Smokers
  6. Rock's Barbque
  7. Crazy Q
  10. All Hogs go to Heaven
  11. Big Shot BBQ
  12. 3B's BBQ
  13. Smitty's Smoke Patrol
  14. Smokey Luv BBQ
  15. Sonoma Smokers
  16. Rolling Bones Traveling BBQ Circus
  17. Bam Dazy BBQ
  18. Creole Clyde's Smokin' BBQ
  20. Smokin' Yankees BBQ
  21. Smoke Slayers
  22. Butcher's Daughter BBQ
  23. Starvin Marvins BBQ
  24. John Doe BBQ
  25. Slap Yo Daddy BBQ
  26. Pig Pimp'n BBQ
  27. Ferrell Family BBQ
  28. Royal Smokin' Hot BBQ
  29. What's that Smell?
  30. Poppa Bud's BBQ
  31. Big Bad BBQ

Teams Expected

  1. No Gottom Ranch Oakley
  2. BE O BE BBQ, Pleasanton


Grand Champion

Reserve Grand Champion



Pork Ribs



Teams Confirmed for Backyard BBQ Contest Sunday May 29th

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