1st Annual All American BBQ Throwdown

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Date: Sunday July 3, 2011 (additional PC opportunity Monday July 4, 2011), yes folks a SUNDAY turn in.

Location: Hagan Park, Rancho Cordova, CA

Event Flyer - http://bit.ly/iKryLJ

KCBS Sanctioned 4 Meat, CBBQA TOY event

Team based ever increasing Prize Pool, starting @ $5k. For every 5 teams (OVER 25) that make turn ins we will add $1k to the prize pool (that's potentially more than eighty percent payback), must be in increments of 5 (not fraction thereof). Example: 29 teams = $5k, 31 teams = $6k, 45 teams = $9k, 52 teams = $10k, 66 teams = $13k. Team count is based on turn-in count on the day of the event. Payout schedule will be posted in percent of prize pool.

Payout Schedule

For total prize pool up to $9999.00 (for $10K and above we reserve the right to modify the payout schedule):

GC - 12% of total prize pool

RGC - 8% of total prize pool

Categories, x4

  1. First Place (any one category)- 6% of total prize pool
  2. Second Place (any one category) - 5% of total prize pool
  3. Third Place (any one category) - 4% of total prize pool
  4. Fourth Place (any one category) - 3% of total prize pool
  5. Fifth Place (any one category) - 2% of total prize pool


Large Team Spaces (many on grass), Full sink setups, onsite refrig truck to store meats, etc.

Huge PC opportunity with 25k ppl expected per day, this family friendly 4th of July event has been going on for more than 25 years. Eighty percent payback on PC sales, which will run well into the evening.

EHD fee of $75 waived for any team who does PC on Monday July 4 as well as Sunday July 3 (turn in day) - offer expires with EB discount

Nearby Hotel Deals

Hyatt (PDF Flyer)- http://bit.ly/lBgnZ7

Courtyard (DOC Flyer) - http://bit.ly/keRhZ9

Residence Inn (DOC Flyer) - http://bit.ly/jAMLGH

Entry Forms

Teams - http://bit.ly/lFgSvU

$249 until 6/20/11, $299 after

Additional $50 discount will be given to teams who compete @ Way Out West BBQ 2011, given after WoW

Judges - http://bit.ly/khOlbN


Teams Confirmed

In no particular order -

  1. Mark's Kitchen & Smokin' BBQ
  2. Too Ashamed to Name
  4. Whats That Smell?
  5. Bang A Drum
  6. A & L BBQ
  8. Ol' South Bar-B-Q
  9. Hound Dog Barbecue
  10. Applejack's BBQ
  11. Pit Pros BBQ
  12. Smoke Slayers
  13. Smokey Luv
  14. Pig Pimp'n BBQ
  15. Woodhouse Barbecue
  16. QN4U
  17. Huminie's Hogalicious BBQ
  18. Pigs Can Fly BBQ
  19. Slap Yo Daddy BBQ
  20. Butcher's Daughter BBQ
  21. Rolling Bones Traveling BBQ Circus
  22. Rock's Barbque
  23. Big O's BBQ 2 Hot 4 U
  24. West Coast B.B.Q
  25. Big Shot BBQ
  26. Bart's Blazin' Q
  27. Bam Dazy BBQ
  28. Bowling Over Pigs
  29. Flying Pig BBQ & Spirits
  30. Smokin' Yankees
  31. BL QUE
  32. All Sauced Up
  33. The Smokepranos
  34. The BBQ Spot
  35. Smok'd Chi's
  37. O.G BBQ
  38. Starvin Marvins BBQ
  39. R Spot

Teams Waitlisted


Saturday Evening

This is where to sign up for the Saturday evening potluck. We will be needing main dishes, sides, desserts, etc.

Tracy Allen (CBJ) - All American Chocolate Cake, edamame salad & dinner rolls too!

Tom Breitweiser - Chile Verde

Dave & Deny Bart - Tri-tip chili

Mark's Kitchen - home to the bone, Enchiladas

Ric Gilbert - Mac or potato salad

Rolling Bones - Thai Noodle Salad

Kilted Pig BBQ - My famous "I'll think of something"

Donna Fong - Chinese roast pork & Caesar Salad

The Smokepranos - cheesy corn caserole and rice crispy treats

Huminie's Hogalicious BBQ - World famous Piggy Cupcakes!

SYD - Hand Caught Mendicino Bay Alabone with Campanelle Pasta and Gorgonzola Butter


Grand Champion

Reserve Grand Champion



Pork Ribs



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