17th Annual Q-Fest

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I want to announce that the Q-Fest for 2014 will happen.

Spots are reserved and scheduled for February 7,8,9, 2014 (Friday - Sunday).

I will set up all the informational documents next week and post links to them.

Everybody can now feel free to start arranging your schedules as the spots have been reserved.

Also, everybody that attended last year will have a month to let me know that you want your spot from 2013 reserved again for 2014.

You will have first shot at that spot and I will hold that assignment for you until approximately December 1st. However, there are still free spots so folks can still request reservations and I will grant them. We have 25 in total.

As I mentioned earlier I will post what all spot assignments were for last year, and what are available for this year, for all to peruse next week.

All spot reservations and assignments need to go through me as the park has them all assigned to me.

Payment for the spots will also be made to me upon your arrival February 7 or 8th. Not the park, I pay the park.

Please feel free to email or call me from this point on reference to any reservations, questions, or concerns about Q-Fest.

Thanks, and looking forward to the best Q-Fest yet ! This will be the 17th year straight we have been doing Q-Fests !!!

Dan Cannon

Dan@BBQbyDan.com 661-600-2530

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