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Class Photo of Students, Instructors and Volunteers

Outdoor Elegance, La Verne, CA November 15, 2014

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Do it Outdoors, Do it with Elegance

On Saturday, November 15th, 2014, members of the CBBQA once again teamed together to spread the love of barbecue to the local community. For the fifth time in 2014, Tim Wong organized and executed a flawless BBQ Class. Twenty-two students made their way to LaVerne’s Outdoor Elegance to attend a class structured for folks wanting to learn the ins and outs of competition BBQ.

The team of volunteers set-up in the parking lot of Outdoor Elegance, a first class outdoor furnishing store. Arriving at 6:30am, the team set-up two huge canopies and 8 tables for the students and a smaller canopy just in front of the two large ones for the instructors. Two of CBBQA’s most dedicated, Ed Williams and Ryan Moore, had arrived Friday afternoon and set up a kitchen prep area. Ed prepped the briskets and pork butts that would be demonstrated Saturday during the class. Ryan was in charge of the security of the beer cooler(I can only report what was reported to me). In the wee hours of the morning, they fired up a WSM and a Memphis Pellet Grill, supplied by Outdoor Elegance. The donated Snake River Farms Wagyu brisket went on the WSM and 3 pork butts into the Memphis Grill.

Like you would expect from a class organized by Tim, the class started at 8 o’clock sharp. Steve Wilson did a quick introduction of what would be covered throughout the day and gave a brief description of the Competition BBQ world. The first class segment was Brisket. Sylvie Curry, assisted by Todd Carpenter, demonstrated their collective skills on a large slab of beef. For demonstration purposes, a choice grade brisket was used because of the time and cost considerations. Sylvie and Todd covered all the bases, meat selection, grades of meat, trimming, injection, and cooking technique.

After 45 minutes of instruction, the SRF brisket that was smoking just a few yards away was ready to be wrapped. Todd pulled the beautiful piece of meat from the WSM and brought it over to the instruction area where Sylvie displayed her skills applying a marinade to the brisket and wrapping it in foil.

Following the brisket demo was the pork section of the class. Steve Wilson was assisted by Mike Brady for this segment of the class. They’re demonstration included selection, trimming, injection and marinades, rub selection and application, cooking technique and timeline. After their insightful instruction, the class was lead over to the cooking area where the showed the wrapping process of the 3 butts. The butts, as mentioned, were being cooked of a Memphis Grill supplied by Outdoor Elegance. For those of you considering a great product for the house or on the circuit, check out this fine product. We had no previous experience cooking pork butts on a pellet grill, only using full-fledged smokers, but this pellet grill did the job to perfection.

Following the pork demo, Andy Soto assisted Ryan Moore demonstrating how to smoke ribs for the judges. Ryan (and Kim) have been killing it recently on the competition circuit and with the added input from Andy, the students really got some great information in this presentation. I didn’t get to catch a lot of their presentation, but I did walk by and was very impressed with the rack they trimmed. It looked perfect.

Bryan “Woody” Wood and Ed Williams teamed up to teach the next segment, Tri-Tip. I was able to taste the end product, and it was the best Tri-Tip I have ever had the privilege to enjoy. I wish I had the opportunity to listen to their presentation. Even an old dog needs to learn a new trick.

Ben Paik assisted Jerry Aguilar for the next segment of the class: Competition Chicken. For those that don’t know Jerry, let’s just say he’s more meticulous with his BBQ than a surgeon is with heart surgery. It was a pleasure to watch the guru of chicken work his magic. The students that were paying close attention to Jerry’s trimming skills got their full tuition’s worth for just that part.

Jerry and Woody also presented turn-in box construction.

Late in the afternoon, the students were able to see each of the instructors demonstrate their finishing techniques as the meats were prepared for the Turn-In boxes. As a pleasant addition, Merrialyce and Steve Alvarez were in attendance adding a judge’s/KCBS Reps perspective to the finished product. After each segment, the instructors made samples available to the students. I am pretty sure everyone really enjoyed this portion of the class.

In Closing, thank you to the students for coming out. And a big salute to our class sponsors, Outdoor Elegance, Simply Marvelous Rubs, Big Poppa Smokers, The Wood Shed, Snake River Farms and Stark Boards. Without these fine companies, we could not put on these great classes. Please support those who support us. Thank you also to each of the Instructors and assistants. Thank you to Kim Moore for setting up this class and last but not least to Tim Wong for his great work. It should be mentioned that Tim’s classes in 2014 raised in excess of $24,000 for the children’s charities that CBBQA supports. Fantastic job everyone.

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