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Wiki: Advanced BBQ Judge Class - NorCal

Tracy Allen's Photo Tracy Allen 25 Jun 2014

This is the discussion topic for the wiki article: Advanced BBQ Judge Class - NorCal

Paul Brown's Photo Paul Brown 13 Jan 2015

Here are some pictures on Mad Meat Genius

Kimberly Moore's Photo Kimberly Moore 13 Jan 2015

Cool pictures and great little write up.

Amazing job to all who were involved, well done!

Jerry Aguilar's Photo Jerry Aguilar 13 Jan 2015

Thanks Paul!

Sylvie Curry's Photo Sylvie Curry 14 Jan 2015

Article and photo posted on CBBQA front/feature page.

Art A's Photo Art A 16 Jan 2015

I really had a great time and learned so much. Thank you to all the great instructors and folks involved in putting the event on. I wont be a CBJ until I take the Riverside class in March, but the advanced class really got me pointed in the right direction. Thanks again...