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JudgeBBQ.com Frequently Asked Questions

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Posted 27 February 2014 - 09:53 AM

This post is for new CBJ's that want to learn more about http://www.judgebbq.com Now that more CA events are using the Judge BBQ site to manage the judges list it's important to get signed up and learn how to use the site.

Thanks again Kevin for setting up the page for the BBQ community

JudgeBBQ.com Frequently Asked Questions

All of my list positions suddenly changed drastically, what happened?
It sound like you forgot to update your Judge's Profile after you renewed your KCBS membership. Your CBJ status is determined based on the KCBS expiration date in your Judge's Profile. CBJ status is one of the weighting-factors that determine your position on an event's list. For that reason alone, it's very important that you keep your Judge's Profile up-to-date.

I lost/forgot my JudgeBBQ Code, what can I do?
Click the Forgot your JudgeBBQ Code? link on the home page, enter the required information, and your JudgeBBQ code will be sent via email.

How can I sign up for an event when there isn't a check box next to the event?
You can't. If there isn't a checkbox it means it is a CBJ only event and the system is treating you as not being a CBJ. It might be that you have a brand new account and your CBJ status is still be verified, or you may not have entered your CBJ number when your account was created. The former will work itself out in time; for the latter you will need to update your Judge's Profile to include your CBJ number and expiration date.

Why does it say I'm not a CBJ when I am? Why does it say my KCBS CBJ Status is pending?
When you first create an account or change your KCBS expiration date the system must verify your CBJ status. This process may take up to 24 hours. In the meantime your KCBS CBJ Status will show as Pending and you will be treated as a non-CBJ which means that you might be delayed from signing up for all of the events you would like.

Why does every option I select on my Judge's Menu take me to the JudgeBBQ home page?
For security reasons JudgeBBQ uses the cookies feature of your web browser. By setting your browser to accept cookies, JudgeBBQ's built-in security will be able to function and you will be able to access the menu options.

Why do I keep getting the error message "Email Address / JudgeBBQ Code combination NOT on file"?
There are many possibilities as to why you are getting this error message. The simplest would be that you haven't created a Judge's Account. If you haven't used JudgeBBQ before you need to create a judge's account and get a JudgeBBQ Code. Another possibility is that you are entering the wrong email address; you should be entering the email address you used when you created your judge's account. Also make sure you are entering your email address correctly; email addresses ARE case-sensitive. Another possibility is that you are entering the letter O instead of a zero in you JudgeBBQ Code. JudgeBBQ Codes DO NOT include the letters O, L, or I which are easily confused with zeros and ones.

Why does my list position keep changing?
Your weight factor determines your position on each event's list. Your position will change on a list as additional judges sign up, as judges make changes to their judging preferences, and as judges remove themselves from event lists.

What are the weight factors?
There are a number of weight factors that determine your List Position. One weight factor is the time/date stamp created when you sign up for an event. Those signing up earlier carry more weight than those signing up later. Other weight factors are whether or not you are a Certified Barbeque Judge, whether or not you are a Certified Master Judge, and your Judging Preference. A Judging Preference of Table Captain carries more weight than Either which carries more weight than Judge. Also some events give you additional weight if you can judge the ancillary categories the night before rather than just judging the main categories. Finally, there is the Discourteous Judge weight factor (explained elsewhere) which negatively impacts your List Position.

What if I need to change some of my judging selections?
Simply login to JudgeBBQ, then from your Judge's Menu select Edit Events I Signed up to Judge and make any changes you need to make. Be aware that changes you make may affect your list position.

What if I am no longer able to judge an event?
As soon as you know that you can't judge an event you are signed up to judge, login to JudgeBBQ, then from your Judge's Menu select Delete Events I Can No Longer Judge and delete the event. This will give another judge the opportunity to judge in your place and insure that every event has the needed number of judges.

So I'm signed-up, now what!?
1. If the event let you Lock In and you locked in then you are set to go. Put your Judging Ticket in a safe place, reserve a hotel room, keep checking the Information Kiosk for maps and the latest information, set your GPS, and come judge some BBQ.

We are trying to get all or most events to agree to a 10:00am judges check-in; for now check the Information Kiosk for check-in times and keep your fingers crossed that we can get 10:00am set across the board.

2. If the event isn't locking in yet then there are a couple of things you should be aware of: your list position and your future Lock In date.
Your list position can be found on the bottom of your Judge's Menu. It's important because it's an indicator of your chance of judging this event. For example if your list position is 10 and the event is expecting to need 66 judges your chances are real good. Good enough in fact to book airfare and make a hotel reservation. If on the other hand your list position is 64 you might want to hold off on making travel plans until you are able to Lock In.

Your future Lock In date can be found on your Check for Lock In Opportunities page. Sixty days prior to an event the top 60% of the list of needed judges is allowed to Lock In. Forty-five days prior to an event the top 75% of the list of needed judges is allowed to Lock In. Thirty days prior to an event 100% of the list of needed judges is allowed to Lock In. It's kind of like boarding a Southwest flight.

When given the opportunity to Lock In, do it! Locking in is an agreement between you and the event; you are committing to being at the event, and the event is ensuring your seat at one of their judging tables.

3. If at any point you realize that you are unable to judge at an event please be a courteous judge and remove yourself from that event's list. By doing that you allow waiting list judges to know sooner if they will be given the opportunity to Lock In.

So I'm on a waiting list, now what!?
It just means it's going to take a little longer to get a Lock In opportunity, or one may never come.

Again, it's about list position. If you are in list position 120 and the event is expecting to need 66 judges, hey better luck next year. If on the other hand you are in position 68, things are looking brighter.

Basically you have 3 chances: someone above you on the list removes themselves, the event adds an additional judging table, or you get a holeshot and Lock In ahead of someone else.

1. Event lists are dynamic and there is usually always movement at the top. Life happens and judges remove themselves from the list. When a judge exits the list everybody below that point moves up the list. If that happens enough times, then you are off of the waiting list.

2. If more teams than expected sign-up to cook the event, more judges are needed, and the list will expand.

3. Fifteen days before an event the waiting list is allowed to Lock In. It's mayhem, it's a crazy free-for-all, first-come-first-served, jump ahead of everyone else opportunity. Even list position 120 can get the holeshot and beat out everyone for the last remaining judging seat.

Or, everyone above you on the list locks in when given the opportunity and thus your Lock In opportunity never comes.

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