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CBBQA Reel Recipe Contest


1. You must choose a movie which is from the genre selected for that challenge.

2. You must choose or create a recipe that has some connection to the movie you select. You may choose recipes from cookbooks or websites, but please give the original creator of the recipe credit. (You can rename the recipe to fit your theme).

3. You must give a brief description of how your recipe relates to your selected movie. For example: "My movie was 'The American President' and, after listening to Michael Douglas' big speech at the end of the movie, I created the 'No Lame Duck' Salad." (OK, a "lame" example, you you folks get the picture.)

4. You must post your recipe with all ingredients and steps included. We are looking for real recipes that folks can copy in their kitchens.

5. We hope that all contestants will be able to post a picture of your dish. For the really technically savy among you, you may be able to post a clip from your movie.

6. The contest is open to all recipes, both BBQ and non-BBQ alike. All cooking equipment is acceptable -- i.e. grills, ovens, smokers, stoves, microwaves, dutch ovens, solar, open pit, etc. All types of ingredients and all types of final products are also acceptable -- i.e baked goods, side dishes, entrees, appetizers, drinks, cocktails, etc.


For those of you who are judging the entries, please follow the following guidelines with respect to how you rate the entries submitted:

1. Does the recipe selected/created represent or is in some manner connected to the movie selected. Please keep in mind, is it creative, funny, unique, interesting, etc. in making the connection between the dish and the movie?

2. Is the description of the recipe accurate and complete? Stated another way, could you take this recipe and go into your kitchen and make the dish or are ingredients and/or steps missing?

3. Does the dish look and sound appetizing and appealing? Would you like to make this dish?

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  • test of rating
    test of rating
    I thought it was a four (we are always more critical of our own food) lets see what happens now